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StrengthsTeams.com is built by StrengthsFinder™ Coaches for StrengthsFinder™ and Life Coaches.

Our team has over 20 years combined expierience with the StrengthsFinder™ assessment. We have worked with numerous individuals and teams to implement the Strengths-based approach. In our early days, we knew we needed online tools to use as we build with our teams so we developed this online tool to help our business. As we continued to use it, other coaches grew interested in what we had built and having access to it for their teams. This is where StrengthsTeams.com was born.

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Member Database

It is simple for you or your managers to ke track of your members and their assessment results.

Team Statistics

We provide visual aids and statistic breakdowns for your teams and members to help them visualize their results.

Team Managers

Assign managers for your teams allowing them to manage your members and their results.

Team Forum

Each team can have its own private forum for team discussions and coaching.

Scalable Accounts

As your company grows, so does your account. It is simple to upgrade to more teams and team managers.

Secure Data

All user data in our databases is encrypted to protect the privacy of your client and member information.

What We Offer

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  • 1 Team
  • 2 Team Managers
  • Unlimited Members
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  • 5 Teams
  • 20 Team Managers
  • Unlimited Members
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  • 20 Teams
  • 50 Team Managers
  • Unlimited Members
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For organizations that require more than 20 teams, please Contact Us for pricing

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